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3 Tips For Building A Better Retaining Wall (in your Delaware backyard)!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Retaining walls should be built on a solid foundation made from gravel, rather than on soil (due to erosion).

1.) Account for Material Overages/Additional Needs

In this DIY age, it's critical to purchase at least 10% more material than you originally anticipated. This should account for estimate errors, while providing building blocks for future Delaware home improvement projects (Home Depot).

2.) Strategic Location for your Retaining Wall

Make sure to select a spot in your backyard that isn't too cluttered, busy, or difficult to fit one of our award-winning, premium retaining walls. This will add both an aesthetic and functional appeal to your backyard (from Lewes to Ocean View, Delaware).

3.) Retaining Wall - Finishing Touches are Important!

Secure capstones, clean/cut off debris, level out final blocks (using construction adhesive) - and you're ready for a fun-filled, summer night in your Rehoboth Beach backyard! With summer right around the corner, what better addition to your second home (in Rehoboth Beach or Lewes, DE) than an a retaining wall, firepit, or newly paved patio? Schedule your free consultation with us at !


Unknown member
Jun 26

Thank you for sharing these insightful tips on building retaining walls! I found your emphasis on proper drainage particularly enlightening, as it's often an overlooked aspect. Incorporating gravel behind the wall seems like a practical solution to ensure longevity and stability.

I'm curious about the environmental considerations you take into account when recommending materials for retaining walls. Have you encountered specific challenges or innovations related to sustainability in your projects?


BaseCore Geocell
BaseCore Geocell
Aug 10, 2023

Choose a high-strength geogrid retaining wall that lasts as long as concrete but doesn’t crack under pressure. Don’t settle for a weak reinforced retaining wall that drives project costs and extends timelines.

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