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Versatile, Durable Backyard Patio Projects in Dover, Delaware!

Dover, Federico Alvarez Landscaping & Hardscaping's projects are durable, versatile - and can add real value to your Delaware-based property. Just take a look at one of our most recent client projects, below:

Patios, Fire Pits, and Retaining Walls - in Dover, Delaware!
Dover, DE - Hardscaping Project

Dover, Delaware - Hardscaping Projects for the Win! In addition to a beautifully-paved, long-lasting (up to 80 years) outdoor patio - the project above features stone pillars, sitting walls, and a brand new fire pit!

Fire pits have been an increasingly popular feature for our Delaware Hardscaping clients - from Dover, to Newark, to Smyrna, to Middletown. Perfect for every season - a spring graduation party, or a fall smores roasting; our outdoor features can add real value and versatility to your!

Take advantage of our 15% off spring discount - give us a call at: 302-399-8916 and schedule your Free, No-Risk Estimate now! Looking forward to building you a personalized, dynamic outdoor experience.

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