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Hardscaping to Increase Your Property Value

Studies by indicate that hardscaping and landscaping projects can have up to a 150% ROI increase on your overall property valuation.

Federico Alvarez - Hardscaping (from Hockessin to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware)!

For every dollar spent on landscaping or hardscaping - in your backyard, for example - a homeowner can expect to receive up to $2 in return on project investment. From retainer walls, to paver patios, to outdoor kitchens - our hardscaping projects provide added value to your home (both experientially and financially).

"My patio was finished in one day...and came out beautifully!"

Federico Alvarez Landscaping LLC clients enjoy professionalism, responsiveness, value, and efficiency in our work. With summer right around the corner, what better addition to your summer home (in Rehoboth Beach or Ocean View) than an outdoor kitchen, firepit, or newly paved patio? Schedule your free consultation at


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